Turn All the Way Around … and … Come All the Way Back!

   A very long time ago there was a man who had Two Sons … And when the youngest son had grown up (at least he thought he was ‘grown up’) he decided that he wanted to find out what life was all about. And to do this he JUST KNEW he HAD to leave home.
   And he had it ‘all figured out‘. He would leave Dad’s house and find his place in the world and become bigger and stronger and richer and happier! Yes … he had it all figured out.
   But he needed a little ‘Help‘ to get it all started … so he went and had a very serious talk with his Pop. It went something like this …
“Dad … I have been thinking.” (As soon as he said this his father raised at least one of his eyebrows and thought ‘Ut oh … here it comes’.) This was the son who was always ‘thinking‘ and often getting into trouble when he did! By the way this son’s name was Franky and his older brother was Johnny.
   He continued: “Like I was saying Pop … I have been thinking that it is time for me to see what the world can do with a young, intelligent, strong, resourceful, and good-looking guy like me.”
Before his pop could get in a word he continued …
“… I have a Plan. And I have been thinking about it for a LONG Time! Yep, during the last 2 days it has been on my mind. I think you should give me whatever is coming to me … in Cold Cash of course … so that I can build a future for myself.”
   Franky’s Pop knew both of his sons well. And he thought it through.
“If I tell Franky NO he is going to leave anyway because he has ‘ants in his pants‘. Maybe, just maybe … he will learn how to live life right. He is old enough. And if he fails, at very least he might learn an important lesson.”
   But lessons do not come ‘cheaply
   So Franky’s Pop decided to give BOTH of his sons an equal portion of their inheritance, to do with it what seemed good in their eyes.
   Johnny knew exactly what he would do. He would keep it safe and then stay home to work in the family business. He lacked nothing. And he shook his head when Franky told him his plans.
   “I am going to go live far from this place. I will be able to make my own decisions. See the Sights! Get myself a nice Condo of my own! Eat what I want .. WHEN I want. Besides, I need new friends. Everyone here is so boring!
   So he packed his belongings and put everything in his convertible, (which Dad gave to him for his last birthday) and he left Pop and Johnny and took the fastest Road out of Town.
   He did get that Condo and he traded in the convertible for a sleek red sports car with all the options. He was now living at the beach and every day he did all the things he loved doing! And at night … Franky did lots of things he should not have been doing.
   The weeks passed into months. And then several birthdays later … Franky realized that his money had discovered wings and had somehow flown away! He checked his wallet and his pillow case. There was nothing stashed under the mattress either.
   Just a few minutes later the man who rented the condo to him rang the bell and told him that he was 3 months behind in his rent. That same hour he evicted Franky and now he had to find another place to live.
   Fortunately Franky had his sleek red sports car. A few dents were in it now but it ran perfect and still had a quarter tank of gas to get him where he knew he needed to be.
   Franky had made lots of ‘friends’ and he drove to the home of one of them who owned a big construction company. He would ask his friend for a job and then everything would be OK.  He was surprised when the man told him that he would not give him a job if he were the last man on earth! (That was because of the bad things Franky did at night!)
   So Franky said a few things he should not have said and left that man’s house quickly. “I have OTHER friends”, he said to loudly.
   But one after another they turned him down. Now he could not find a job. And to make it worse his car had also just run out of gas … After borrowing a change he made a phone call to one of his friends who owned a Farm and asked for a job.
   Believe it or not, while he was dialing the number inside the phone booth, a large truck ran INTO Franky’s beautiful sleek red sports car. With a THUD it now resembled an accordion! And he had just been told that his insurance company would no longer cover him!
   At last … he did get the job from his good friend who owed a Farm. He was even told that if he needed a place to stay he could enjoy the comforts of the barn bunk house! Franky had no choice. His friend even offered to come and pick him up …
   But when Franky saw what he had to do at the Farm he gulped and almost cried. For the job description had changed quite a bit from the phone booth to the barn. It was then that he discovered that this guy owned a huge pig farm and the smell was horrible. Franky had to take care of and feed the pigs and it was not long before he began to smell just like one of them himself.
   Weeks passed, and Franky would cry himself to sleep at night. His life was now miserable. And when he looked into the mirror he could hardly see the happy son that he used to be.
   And when he thought of his Pop and his Brother, he was very much ashamed of himself. He had hurt them both and knew that his pop could never forgive him.
Then one morning he had to get one of the pigs to Turn All the Way Around in his pen. But the pig was stubborn. Franky needed him to Come All the Way Back to where he was, so he could release the pig from the narrow pen.
   As he was doing this he realized that he also needed to Turn All the Way Around and to Come all the Way BackHOME!
  Right then and there he left the pigs and 3 minutes later, still stinking like one of them … he hitched a ride on the back of a pick up truck. And then another ride … and another.
   Tears filled his eyes as he saw the familiar sights and as he neared the home where he grew up. He had made up his mind that he would ask his Pop for a job doing anything that needed to be done on the estate.
   He was sitting in the car with a couple of teenagers until they dropped him off at the end of the large driveway leading to his home. They were glad he was out of the vehicle and kept the windows open wide for at least an hour afterwards!
   While Franky was in deep thought and slowly walking closer and closer to his father’s house, he wondered at what he would say … and … how he would say it.
   Little did he know that his Pop had seen him when he got out of the car. And little did he know that already his father was telling a few of his workers to run a good hot bath and to get some clean clothes for Franky … who was Coming Home! He even ordered out from the Best Cheese steak joint in town. (Delivery was FREE)
   And then he himself ran to Franky and before his son could speak a word, not even a syllable, his Pop hugged him and gave him kisses on his face like every old Italian man would do to a son he had not seen for too long a time.
   Franky now knew exactly what to say. “Pop, could you give me a job? I don’t need any money .. just hire me for food!”  (He had seen a poor man at a shopping mall with that written on a cardboard sign … and thought that it expressed his feelings perfectly.)
   But while Pop was happily taking Franky through the front door of his home, Johnny caught wind (literally) and was very upset. In fact, Johnny was down right angry! He had never left home. He did all the chores himself. He was ‘faithful’. And as he listened to what seemed like a party beginning inside the house, because Franky had returned, he got even more angry.
   “What are you doing?” he said to his Pop. “Why are you treating that loathsome, irresponsible, no-good, lower than a lizard’s lung ‘son’ of yours to a celebration??
   Pop looked at Johnny. He was a good son. Always doing what he should. And he answered him:
   “Your brother Franky was as good as dead. His life was ruined. He had become a pitiful excuse for a human being. But he Turned Himself ALL THE WAY AROUND! And that took courage. And it is right for you and I to celebrate … For my son whom I love, decided to Come ALL THE WAY HOME!
   So it is with every boy and girl, and man and women – who makes the right decision (the 2nd one) that Franky had made to –
Turn All the Way Around … and come … All the Way Back!

Come Down to the River and be Washed!

The Baptism of John was not a Lily-White Affair. In fact it was just the opposite.

John came preaching that the Kingdom of God was near … and IT WAS! IN fact, the very King of that Kingdom had been walking among them for nearly 30 Years!

In obedience, Jesus waited for just the Right Moment and then the Work of God would begin. The Right Moment finally came and to the muddy waters of the Jordan River, Jesus went

John had also preached ‘Repentance’ and the People of Judea flooded to him. They had endured the Occupation of Rome for nearly 90 years and though they were free to Worship, they were bound with the many cords of an oppressive occupation.

They knew that God had ‘better plans for them‘ and they also knew that it was ‘their sin‘ that had brought them to such a time and place. They came to John’s Baptism … Confessing Their Sins!

It was NOT a time for a Family Gathering and for a Feast. No one placed on a Calendar a ‘baptismal event’. Going down to John was a serious inward conviction which told everyone that ‘YOU WERE SORRY’ for what YOU DID and how YOU FAILED GOD!’

Oh … if only … such a time of Repentance could be ours today. Our rivers would overflow with Pastors and Elders and Deacons …. NOT as Officiators of such a Baptism Acts-2-38-Repent-And-Be-Baptised-green-copy.jpg… but as Men and Women who realized how far they have gone from God!

And such a Time is so very necessary. We have completely destroyed the very Meaning of Baptism in our Churches. WE baptize infants who have no idea of what ‘sin’ is, and what it will do to them. We baptize adults and the only fear they have of this event is ‘getting wet’. (And we do WARN them – to bring a ‘change of clothes’.)

No wonder the Apostle Paul had little to do with baptizing believers …

But a New Baptism must come to Believer’s in our day. With or without water! And if we fail to place ourselves ‘under’, confessing our sins, we will NEVER know Victory or understand the Grace of God.

We must Repent … For the Kingdom of God IS Near! This is the equal to Returning to our First Love … Do so and Live!

The Temporal, the Eternal … and … the Pebble.

Too often when we refer to ‘those who have died‘ we do so as if they now belong to the Past … And … that they are sealed beyond our reach. I do it … you do it … maybe we all do it? But there is One who does not ‘do this’.


Perspective is Necessary!

Perspective is the one thing that makes ‘the difference‘ when it comes to the departure of someone whom we loved. (love)

The Human Experience is all-too-often an emotional one filled with diverse feelings. At times, this can leave an individual in a desperate place if there is nothing ‘hopeful’ to balance those strong, even – depressing, ‘feelings’.

Our nature is divided. We have a Temporal and an Eternal Nature. Unless we are encouraged often by the Eternal … the Temporal can take over in matters which have the power to impress us deeply, even to the point of suppression.

The Bible is the One Book that helps us to live beyond the suffocating walls, or drowning depths of the Temporal. God gave us His Word and placed within ‘it’ a life that lifts our understanding. Our darkest moments can, because of ‘it’, become our summit of light.

Understanding our Nature in the Eternal does not make us feeling-less organisms, or, less than ‘human’ … but it empowers our Temporal Nature with precisely what we need to overcome even in the most difficult moments of Life.

imagesI have always been amazed by the power of a single small pebble tossed into the middle of a large pool of water. As the small weight of the pebble enters the water and begins to drop … there is left behind a disturbance that rises and overflows the point of entry and begins to expand outwardly.

The ‘flow-back’ ripples the surface, in a full circle with each tiny part of that growing diameter moving with the same force of the original dropping. It is being multiplied many times, concerning the area or surface that is affected. By the time it reaches the edge of the water it may even form a ‘wave’ much larger than that of the disturbance at the point of entry.

What does this have to do with ‘who we are’, or, our nature? Everything …

We are the Pebble. And our lives are but a drop in the greater scheme of things. That Dropping displays who we are Temporally. But the result of that Dropping is evidence that we are so much more than a mere moment of existence. It ‘hints’ that we are ‘much more’ … and points to Eternity which abides in each of us.

Jesus once said: “The Kingdom of Heaven IS WITHIN You!”

We can become dull of hearing and never give a single moment’s thought to what He has said. We can pass through the entirety of this Temporal Life and never once understand ‘Who We Are‘. In fact … the great temptation comes against those who have been enlightened … to forget … the Eternal part of their Nature.

This forgetting is accomplished by forsaking both Him and His Word and allowing them to be ‘replaced’ by something completely Temporal. You cannot fan the Eternal Flame with the Wind of the Temporal!

There is a part in you, and in everyone … that is forever alive. Your body is a temporal body … and though it is also a Temple (when submitted in devotion to God) it is always still purely Temporal. The Life that is IN You is what is Eternal. It will never cease to exist!

God – Who is Eternal, sees who you are, even when you have been forgotten by all others and seem to be lost in time. He knew you before you were born and before you were formed in your Mother’s Womb. And … He will know you long after you have shed the carapace of the body.


Everyone seems to be interested in Temporal Insurance … but so few care to have the Everlasting Policy which God has purchased for you and for me. It guarantees our Eternity. It does not simply offer the Promise of ‘existing’ … but above description – it guarantees a Life Abundant.

indexJesus said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and … the Life. No man can come to the Father, except He goes through Me.” This same Jesus has purchased your Ticket. And stands at Your Door knocking. Open to Him and take what He has to give you into your hands.

Your Pebble is about to make a Wave. Get On. Get In. And .. Stay In! Take the Ride all the Way to the Shore!

The Forgotten ‘Magic’ …

13654253_1061493880586900_1529862410743691372_nI was having an online parley with my Grandson Zachary, (Zack-Attack) who is stationed in the Philippines. Working with his Seabee Unit, he is employed in the construction of several building projects.

Highlighting a number of pictures – including that of a block job, complete with a fresh parge coat of stucco, we took off and jumped into our fast-as-light digital conversation.

The Filipino’s do things quite differently than we would here in the U.S. They seem to have a far simpler way of accomplishing a project, as was clearly noted by way of pictures in the project which Zack was participating.

The weather, as he reminded me, was a definite factor in How they built and Why they built so simply with the raw materials that are readily available.

rtr4gznd.jpgThe ‘Big Bad Wolf blowing down your and my House’ may be largely a ‘fairy tale’ in our cities and hometowns, but it is not a child’s story in the Philippines. Storms can be both violent and frequent enough. And … Rebuilding Projects are a constant and necessary by-product.

As he and I bounced our thoughts back and forth to and ‘at’ one another, I could not help but reflect about ‘my time’ in the Navy and one or two things that are very different now.

The foremost of my musings had to do with the ‘lighting speed’ of our present-day, highly-technical, ribbon-less, white-out-less, and even paper-less communications.

hqdefaultKids today generally take all of this ‘for granted’ (I am Not referring to my Grandson of course!) – having no idea of ‘how it was’ just a short time ago. It was not that long ago when Transoceanic Phone Cables were laid between the Continents and on the Ocean Floors.

Such an endeavor necessitated Ocean Surveys which were immensely expensive and required many years of effort. After all, you would not want to drop a cable into a deep hole using up a mile or two straight up and down! They had to discover the flattest, least active surface possible in order to save on the ‘length of cable’ – and to cut down on eventual financial and labor-intensive repairs.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-03-at-8.30.51-AM.pngToday those thousands of miles of deep, thick, cable lines, have been replaced by an entirely new generation of Light Alloys and High-Impact Plastics. The most modern of these are complete with Solar Powered Umbrella or Fan-like Generators, elaborate computer systems, and are compacted into Light-weight Satellites that are moving at programmed and minutely measured speeds, and in complicated precisely set orbits – high above the Earth’s Oceans and Continents.

The capability and the capacity of a single Satellite System in our day to transmit wireless digital, audio, and video, is nearly ‘limitless’. Even the best Cables of the mid 1900s could only pass several hundred phone and telegraphic communications, at the same time. I could not help but think about how it use to be … or … how it had been for Me. After all I was in Communications in the Navy and profoundly interested in its’ workings.

Back to Simpler Times and Simple Things

Once upon a time … People actually had to ‘wait’ when communicating. You had TIME to Think! For instance …

9f693d_848b81d482ff4633ab13c5fcfb52e0ceThe anticipation of THAT package that ‘was coming from Mom’. What would it include? Cans of Sausages? Spicy Crackers? Beef Sticks or Jerky? Clams? Sardines? A Jar of Cherries? Hershey Bars or Milk Chocolates? It was amazing when you eventually did receive such a package at ‘Mail Call’.

Suddenly … EVERYONE was your ‘best friend’! The entire Barracks seemed to develop a Hounds Sense of Smell, Zeroing IN on YOUR Care Package!

And there were the other long-anticipated, heart-palpitating, brow-sweating ‘letters’ … from the ‘girl back home’.

images.jpgMany of the songs from the 60s and early 70s were Love Songs filled with scripts of Romance bearing the Fruits of Intense, Loving, Passion. Carly Simon, both beautiful and amply gifted … spoke to all of ‘us’ in her memorable melody ‘Anticipation‘.

It was impossible to close your eyes and ‘listen’ without picturing that ‘certain someone’ back home. As you did you were transported far away from the uninviting pea-green block walls and cold tile floors, drifting serenely homeward. The more time you had to think, the clearer the thoughts revealed your ‘real feelings’ and ‘hopefully’ hers.

The MagicMagic-Dust

You waited for ‘that’ letter. And when you had it in your hands you did not rush to open it. Her hands had touched it just a few days before. And … her lips … had sealed it. It was the most recent proof that she actually existed and was not simply a fancy of your imagination nor the mere mirage of your distant past.

And before you actually broke the seal of that packet of hopefully perfumed information, you found the quietest, loneliest place. When it was finally opened, you read each line at least twice and took long breaths in-between paragraphs. You were in no-hurry to arrive at the ‘I Love You’ salutation.

And ‘when’ it was finally finished, you were hushed, solemn, thoughtful. Only your ‘best friend’ would possibly be privy to parts of what she said. And there was ‘stuff’ they would never see or hear.

Yes, those were the days when the simplest line of a letter … had ‘great meaning’. It is not so today.

While I have a sincere appreciation for the many major advances we have enjoyed and do employ in our daily ‘talks’ with one another … there is something radically ‘missing’.

  • Time to Think
  • Time to Respond.
  • Time to Laugh.
  • Time to Cry.
  • Time … to Feel.

It is gone – and that to our great loss.

If You are ‘old enough’ you know precisely what I am saying … The ‘Magic’ is seldom felt today. There may be Flash and Glitter … but … there is too little Magic and even less … Anticipation.

And Sadly … I cannot remember the Day the Magic Died. I may have been caught up and too much of a hurry … to have noticed.

Waxing Worse & Worse … The World of Wizards and the Wise


The Apostle Paul reminds Timothy that all who ‘live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.’

He continues his letter and says:

“But Evil men and Seducers shall wax worse and worse,

deceiving and being deceived.”

upside down world.jpgOne would think that when people come to Christ and get their lives in order that this would cause one to be applauded or respected … but … this is not the case among men, especially in our Topsy Turvy World. Good is increasingly being referred to as ‘evil’ and Evil is being applauded, admired, and accepted.

Did you know that it is ‘illegal’ to preach the Gospel on the Streets of many Major Cities in our World? At the same time it is AOK for those who partake in the Gay Pride Initiative to parade near naked in those very same Cities. How is this an ‘improvement’? How is this ‘Good’?

pants sliding downAnd talk about confusion .. in many of those same towns new laws for indecent exposure and pants that slide down to below the rump are being enforced!! This is one CRAZY mixed-up Politically Correct and Morally Declined World! Who is Afraid of Who and Why?

There is something innate about the nature of the ‘unregenerate’ spirit of Man which causes him to mock or ridicule the ‘Works of God’. Experiencing ‘Rebirth’, which is the Work of God, is the most profitable experience any Man or Woman or Child could possibly experience. The benefits are immediate and flesh out in every way possible.

But strangely enough … it is NOT well received in our World. And as Society ‘waxes worse’ it is even speculated as being unapproved and despised. I could share a hundred of my own personal experiences of those things which did and did NOT happen to me because of my turning to Jesus on January 31st, 1973 @ 7:45 PM.

Everyone of us has witnessed in our place of work, no matter what we do … that certain person who rises quickly – who has a poor attitude or a strong addiction. They can even be treacherous … but … their rise continues. It is a mind-boggling and remarkable thing to behold.

It makes no sense except that it seems they are applauded because their bent and mischievous ways and seducing methods bring in the bucks. They scheme and lie and ridicule others, but look like knights in shining armor when they must. Their ‘act’ is cleaned up only for as long as it is necessary … Then … it is back to business as usual!

Paul said: “Evil Men and Seducers …”

wizards.jpgThe Word here for ‘Seducers’ is very interesting indeed. The Greek Word used in the Original Text has the meaning of being a ‘Wizard’ as in ‘one who mutters spells’. Today we would say that he or she has the iconic ‘Gift of Gab’.

It also means; ‘Impostor’. This Character Trait or Mannerism has found its Haven of Rest in our day. It is honored, respected … and has become one of the Standards for Business and Modern Day Ethics. But it is in fact a digression of character.

It is the result of the deterioration of things Good and Right. It is found situated on a downward slope and it is picking up speed rapidly as it heads to the bottom. But … it is aggressive and goal-orientated and men salivate over becoming the next big achiever …

There was a time when Politics admired Good and Eschewed Evil.
There was a time when Hollywood exemplified Good and Despised Evil.
There was a time when Education applauded Good and Warned against Evil.
There was a time when Business rewarded Good and ‘fired’ Evil.

and …

There was a time when the Church knew the difference between the Two.

hand puppet.jpgThe World we live in is being seduced at an alarming rate. Behind the scene there is one who is manipulating the props and who is taking advantage of the set. And though you and I cannot see the strings … many a puppet and marionette are being led to and fro by the will and desire of a ominously dark shadow.

It is up to You to detach those strings from your life.
It is up to You to break that bondage.
It is up to You to stop the digression downward.
It is up to YOU to refuse to Wax Worse and Worse …

Be Wise and recognize what is happening before you.

Tell IT Like IT IS!

I love the Scriptures. They tell it like it is with no punch pulled.

Bill Glass

Bill Glass

Many years ago when I was still in my late 20’s I was asked by Bill Glass of Cleveland Brown fame to join up with his Crusades. Besides doing some of his Advertising and Counseling at his Crusade, I also helped in closing down the Crusade.

Four men were struggling with a very old and heavy upright piano and were trying to lift it three feet or so into the back of one of the trucks. Each time they failed. They just did not ‘have it in them’.

I happened to have worked at a Furniture Store and because of this was very use to picking up awkward and bulky items.

I found myself at one end of the upright and with several men on the other lifted it very easily onto the truck. Bill came over to me to see what I was ‘packing’ and told me point blank; “I need someone like you to join with me.”

Letting go of my right bicep and ‘still wondering’, he furthered the invitation and grinned widely with that BIG smile of his, wanting an answer … Right There and Then!

Bill Glass 2I could not … I had three little girls at home and they needed to see their Daddy more than once every three months.

Bill glass was a Bull of a Man. He Pulled NO Punch as he preached his message of Salvation in Christ. He had completely dedicated his life to Jesus even as he had once dedicated his life on the Football Field. Bill Glass … was … Real!

The Men & Women of whom God speaks in the Bible were just as Real. They were Passionate. They Made Mistakes. They had Struggles. And … sometimes they Doubted that God cared in the least.

In the Scripture:

  • – Good is found to be pleasing to God and rewarded by Him – Even if it is despised by Man.

… and …

  • – Evil is found to be despised by God and duly rewarded of Him. Even when it was found to be acceptable to Man.

When the Holy Spirit inspired the Writers of Scripture He did so in a way that was forthright and honest. God Himself did not allow a Bias concerning any of the Patriarchs, Prophets, or His People. He had the ‘Truth told’ on David and Samson alike.

He searched out Job thoroughly putting him on Open Display, and did not allow Jonah to get off the hook … before He fully disciplined him.

Abraham the Father of Faith was shown to be Fearful. And not just once but twice!

Lot chose the Wrong Things … got drunk … and his daughters ‘laid with him’. They were distraught after the destruction of Sodom, which also took their Mother and whatever other friends and family they had in Sodom.

Moses, long before he was to see God inscribe the Covenant on Stone, was a Murderer, who ran in fear from certain punishment.

Jacob, together with his Mother, deceived His Father, and robbed his Brother Esau, from his Birthright and his Blessing!

David, the Man after God’s own Heart, was found to act like a maniac, foaming at the mouth. He deceived the Philistine Lord to whom he had promised ‘faithfulness’. He lied day after day and hid what he was really doing. And he had Uriah, the husband of Bathsheba, put to the front of the battle so that he might be killed. God hid NOTHING in his account.

Some of these Laughed when God Spoke … and Some were Bitter. Some were Vengeful, and others seemed to challenge God Himself, or His Messengers.

  • Their Joy was Real.
  • Their Sorrow was Real.
  • Their Pain was Real.
  • Their Persecution was Real.
  • Their Hypocrisy was Real.
  • Their Faith was Real.

And if ANY OF THEM were living today they would be despised and ridiculed and mocked! Guaranteed! And the First in Line to mock them would be the half-hearted, stiff-necked, low-bellied, hard-headed, half-blind, mule-minded, slow-footed, and STUBBORN ‘believer’s’ who Hide from God and Accuse Him of daily desertion and nightly neglect!

God calls Abraham the Friend of God.
God calls Lot Righteous.
God gave a Glowing Report of Job! (Who knew the contempt of his friends and the searching out of God!)
God said of David (Twice) that ‘he was a man after His own Heart!
God Loved and Chose Jacob and Despised, Rejected & Refused Esau.

It doesn’t always appear apparent, the thing that God ‘sees’. We MUST begin to pray that we might See WHAT He Sees. To Accuse God is the greatest foolishness. We must be careful how we speak of His Divine Nature, Character, and … Spirit.

Jesus said: “The Son of Man can only do what He SEES HIS FATHER DOING!”

Go … and do likewise.

Bikini on a Beach …

I seldom use the term ‘ministry’ only because it no longer means the same to me as it once did.  Though the word is valid and altogether pure when used in its’ highest sense … it has become for me somewhat antiquated and impersonal.  ‘Ministry’ has been replaced with words that have much more meaning to me …

I have experienced many very unusual ‘moves of God’ over these past 40 plus years in Christ.  If I listed the miracles I have seen it would take me a Month of Sundays to do so. This is not a case for ‘bragging rights’. None of these happened because I was anyone special … moreover they occurred because of God’s unfathomable compassion and His desire to set someone free.
thNo one should be envious of people who experience such things.  Miraculous events normally happen in the midst of very difficult situations.  Read the Scriptures and discover what happens ‘before & after’ a genuine miracle takes place.  Oftentimes you will find that even greater trouble comes to the person to whom God blessed with a miracle.
God moves in such ways in order to bring much needed deliverance or help to others.  I have witnessed God moving on behalf of people who oftentimes did not believe in Him. Does this surprise you?  If it does than you do not understand ‘why’ God works a miracle or delivers an individual from great difficulty.
There is a constant battling for lives going on in the kingdom of God.  Very powerful warfare is being engaged on a ‘24/7’ basis.  This warfare involves Divine, Angelic, and of course – Human forces.
angel wingsPeople fight over many things … But God and Angelic beings fight for the Souls of Mankind.  Unimaginable battles happen in this Arena which would tongue-tie the most well-trained Psychologists and confuse the deepest of Scientific Minds.
What I am about to tell you happened precisely as I will pen it.  It will not be stretched beyond the actual experience, nor will I ‘dumb it down’ to please those who do not trust or believe in such things.  I share it unapoligetically and with a bold confidence that God is reaching someone by the content of its’ message.  For the purpose of ‘privacy’ I have changed the names involved in this testimonial.
In the Kingdom of God the Great Physician operates on the Hearts and Minds of Humankind. He allows troubles to advance and sometimes to even overtake us. When someone in your family or a close friend experiences Jesus there is a spiritual energy that flows like a river to other members of that household, or among the company of friends.  The flow of that River can be ‘received’ or ‘rejected’, but for certain … It WILL BE noticed.
I first met ‘Bill’ at the altar at the closing of the last song in a Sunday Morning Service in a Baptist Church.  It was my common practice to pray for people who came forward for prayer.
Oftentimes I knew exactly who would be coming forward and precisely what they ‘needed’ before they spoke a word.  Even more interestingly … a good number of persons I had never met before in my church experience.  Without going into detail … Bill was very powerfully delivered from a very powerful ‘addiction’.
One Winter morning I was asked to share with a Men’s Group a recital of sorts.  I had memorized the Sermon on the Mount and had a number of opportunities to share the 25 minute recitation.  After this particular meeting ‘Bill’ and I spent some very special time in private ‘ministry’ and prayer.
He told me that God had placed it on his heart to have me pray for his wife (Marie) with whom he had separated from six or seven months before.  She had left the USA and returned to her South American family.
We bent our heads and shut our eyes and presented the situation before God.  I can still see tonight what I clearly saw that morning.
thC4ZQYRFPA very beautiful woman, who was sunbathing on a beach in a dark bikini, appeared before my closed eyes.  Her skin was tanned and her hair was long and dark.  She could have been the ‘feature model’ on any Summer Magazine.  Then I was given a very clear close up of her face.  I could tell that she was deeply concerned about a matter of ‘Life & Death’.
When I am shown something from God about an individual and cannot discern what it is He wants me to know … I continue to pray.  Silently and to myself I simply asked God why she was so disheartened.  He told me:  “She is pregnant and is considering aborting the child.”  And now I understood.
Bill, by the way, was a Martial Art Expert.  And I could tell that he was still very ‘new’ to Jesus, and to prayer, and to this kind of ‘revelation’.  I described the woman that I had seen and told him that I had seen her on the beach.  By the way, I could not figure this out seeing that it was Winter.
He pulled out of his wallet a picture of ‘Marie’ and without a doubt it was her to a ‘T’.  Shape of Face, Features, Body Form, Hair, etc..  He then told me that in her part of South America they were in their Summer and that he had spoken to her this past week.  She had been going to the beach daily.
I knew I had to deal with my information very wisely.  I told him that he was to call her and to let her know that he knew she was considering a ‘Life & Death’ situation.  I did not tell him that she was strongly considering an abortion.  Instead I asked him to be kind to her and to ‘listen’ to whatever was on her heart, remembering that just a few short weeks ago … God had delivered him from a very powerful addiction.
We shook hands and embraced in a somewhat tearful Christian hug.
Within hours Bill made the long-distance call to Marie.  Because of his compassionate concern she told him everything.  She was pregnant.  The child was of course … NOT his.  She was strongly considering an Abortion.
The next time Bill and I met we both thanked God for those few private and vitally important minutes in prayer.  She agreed not to abort the child.
Prayer Changes Things …